Home Builder Richmond

Balducci Inc. is a Home Builder Richmond.  Being a Home Builder in Richmond means more than just building a home.  We look at Home building in a very different way.  Homes are memories.  Homes are comfort and safety.  So as a Home Builder Richmond we approach every home that we build from that prospective.  Our process starts by our Home Builder specialists sitting down with our customers and understanding their needs.  Do you need three bedrooms or four?  What type of Kitchen do you like?  How many cars do you have and do you need a garage for each of them?  Our Home builder richmond specialists will listen and take notes, detailing what makes your house a home.

What separates Balducci Inc. from other Home Builders in Richmond are our attention to details and customer service.  Getting a home drawn up is just the beginning.  We help keep you informed along the entire building process.  Our home owners tell us that they feel like part of the home building experience, and that makes us different.  When we mention customer service, what we mean is, we always listen and do whatever we can to make every situation right.  In most cases, building a home is seamless.  However, there are times where there are changes that need to be made.  Our project managers and ownership are dedicated to meeting those changes and communicating with complete transparency along the way.

When you are choosing a home builder richmond, here are some tips to help you in your search.

  • Does this builder have the experience with your specific needs. If you are custom building, be sure to vet the builder.  Check out their website and their work.  Ask for a portfolio of their projects and for at least two or three references or testimonials.
  • Who does the builder use for speciality requests. Balducci inc will sometimes sub work out speciality items like outdoor living spaces.  These relationships with a home builder in richmond is SO important to your project.
  • Does this builder really build the type of home you are hoping to build. Do a walkthrough of a similar property so you can get a feel if the final product is close to the home of your dreams.
  • Ask them for a timeline. How long do they think it will take?  What happens if it doesn’t and how do they manage that?  Things happen, but make sure your builder has a plan for that.

At Balducci Inc. we build homes our customers love.  In fact, we love them too.  We put the same passion into building every home, as if it was our own.  After almost 40 years in business we have learned that we love building homes that families will raise their children in, grow old in, and build lasting memories in.  It really comes down to building something that lasts.  We have built homes in Richmond, Mechanicsville, Hanover, Henrico, Powhatan, Chesterfield, King William, King George, Charles City and other places around Richmond.  Please check out our gallery and communities for more details on our projects.

If you are interested in talking to a home builder richmond, contact a home building specialist at Balducci Inc. today.  All of our staff is on call ready to assist you in building a house you can call home.